Thursday, January 21, 2016

What's in the Spring Seasonal Planner?

Allow the Seasonal Beehive to help you create a mindful way of living.
In the Spring Planner...Months March-April-May

* Each month has days with seasonal prompts and messages
* Theme---Spring is centered on Faith
* Seasonal Booklist for Kids---Spring is on Gardening
* Heart Pulses---to record your heartfelt plans
* Spring Flowers---to rate your day by color code
* Circle Bullets---to remind you if you took your vitamins and probiotic for the day
* Water Droplets---to pace your daily intake of water
* Menu Planning Blackboard & Recipes
* Lenten Meal Planning
* Seasonal Motif to color
* Seasonal Daybook per week
* Space for daily Gratitude-Prayer-Scripture notations
* Nature Walk-Sketch Motivation
* Poetry Pause
* Seasonal Reading Log
* 15-minute Classroom Notes
* Home Cabinet---essential oil/herbal tip
* Meal Planning 101 Article
* Article on Rebuilding a Culture of the Family, for the Family, by the Family---inspired and referenced by Jennifer Mackintosh
* Book Pause---Gladys Tabor of Stillmeadow memoirs
* 10 Day Challenge Charts
* Spring Cleaning Record Sheet
* Organizing-Journaling-Planning Sheets at end of book
Pre-ordering will begin Monday, January 25th @
 Planner will ship in February.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Changes to Spring Edition of Seasonal Planner

The Best Way to Keep up with The Seasonal Planner Updates is to Join
(Preordering will be available some time in January/
Spring Edition will be ready to ship beginning of February)
{Sketches for SBP drawn by Anna Cantrell. All Rights Reserved. 2015}

% The Seasonal Beehive Planner now has specifically marked days each month. Everything from No Housekeeping Day to Zoo Day, from Mother Goose Day and Mother’s Day to Remember the Titanic Day, from PB and J Day to Coffee Day, from appreciating your Librarian to remembering to call your Dentist---these "nationally" marked days make your planning more fun and more personal.  

% The original thought was not to burden you with a list of days that remained empty and useless. I wanted us to have a clean sheet with space to write our daily plans or just a notation of what made that day special. I was torn about leaving wide open spaces for you to have available for your own creativity and productivity versus too many options that cluttered your days. For you, I wanted open spaces that offered endless opportunities to record what was done during the month so you would feel successful and not defeated. But I plainly heard the plea for a day-by-day spread and realized that clear concise prompts can inspire us and don’t have to consume our day. These prompts spur us forward, not backward.
% Rather than have pages for Gratitude-Prayer-Scripture, you now have a place to list these items on each day. There are two days per page. The Seasonal Beehive Planner now has guided-prompts that remind you to pray for someone/be grateful for something/ scripture pause/ place to record meal plans/ water intake/ remember a birthday or anniversary that day.

% Seasonal Reading Log ~ new and improved, found in back of planner. 

% A seasonal motif (a decorative design or pattern) for coloring when you are stuck in traffic, waiting at the doctor office, or simply as therapy to quiet your active life is one of the peaceful cubicles found within The Seasonal Beehive Planner.

% All artwork is by artist Anna Cantrell; specially drawn for The Seasonal Beehive Planner. All rights reserved.

% There is now a DayBook for each week of every month rather than only one per month.

% You still have that heart-pulse list in which to post your daily activities but rather than just a single heart per day you have four hearts to record your most important heart “pulses” of the day and some days have heart notations or reminders of special world events or holy days of the church at large to move you forward with your planning. (See photos above.)

% Rate Your Day ~ at the start of each day you will see five spring flowers.  At the end of the day you rate your day on a scale of 1-5, coloring in as many flowers as you feel your day productive/successful/happy/holy/leisurely. A “low” day here and there is nothing to worry about. Just try to make the next day better. If you have too many “low” days in a row, this will help you see that you are in a slump and need to change the pace of your days.

    0 Each day you see 8 water droplets. This is to keep track of your daily water    
            intake.  For every eight (8) ounce glass/bottle of water you drink, simply color in
            a water droplet.  If you don’t have all eight (8) water droplets colored in by the
           end of the day, don’t be hard on yourself. You are making an intentional goal to
           drink more water. Compete with no one but yourself.

   O Next to your water intake droplets, you will see this oval shape which  
            represents your daily vitamins and probiotic intake.  
           % Some very simple little reminders for mindfully pampering yourself are
            included.  Look for the crinkly message boxes.
{Sketch by Anna Cantrell. All Rights Reserved. 2015}
          %  There is now a simple seasonal recipe sheet and for meal planning per
           season. Your daily meal planning happens on the daily planning date. Each 
           month there is a focus on what is happening seasonally so that you intentionally
           embrace the season within your home. You are able to focus on:
           *a dish you want to try
           *a dish your family loves
           *a sacrificial meal on Fridays
           * a dish for a special occasion
           * a cultural dish  
           % Each month and all the planning pages for that month are distinctly sectioned off.
            All essays, seasonal meditation, the home cabinet, and extra journaling pages relevant
            to the season are located in the back of the Seasonal Beehive Planner.

            There is a clear Liturgical Year presence in the Spring Edition of The Seasonal Planner
            Whatever religion you embrace there is a molting of days that create a season of holy
            intent which guides our spiritual life. The liturgical calendar has seamlessly become
            part of the Western Calendar. Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter,
            Halloween, Christmas, and others have
            their roots planted in Christian soil. By intentionally observing these holy days,
            we guide our days and intentions towards our Creator in a beautiful mystical
            labyrinth of living.
{Sketch by Anna Cantrell. All Rights Reserved. 2015}









Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How Do We Live Differently? And Why?

All I had to read was Alicia's Welcome Message to know that I was completely pulled in---hook-line-and-sinker---to her new website:

Living Differently

I've had a little time to explore this new website of hers and it does something amazing. Something I've only envisioned in my mind. Something I've tried to capture in my Seasonal Planner in order to give parents/families something to gather up and glean and internalize. Rather than capture our attention with beautiful pictures, which is common nowadays, what captures us first at Alicia's site is the attention to truth thru words.
I'm excited about taking this website apart a little each day and gnawing on every little piece she offers.
We live in such a sad, desperate world. My friends and I have wondered and pondered it together on social media and over the heads of our children, and we contemplate it silently within our homes. And, in the end, we feel we have nowhere to go and nothing to offer.
We fret about the calamity of raising children and grandchildren in this brutal world.
But, in the end, we sigh and do like a host of other citizens. We go on with our lives. We turn back to our kitchen windows.
We make sure our families are fed. We work. We nurse tender young hearts. We read social media. We drink our morning coffee. We turn off the television. We say our prayers. And we go to bed.
I personally find comfort in reading the messages our Holy Father gives us to read. But other than prayer and fasting and heralding us to remain hopeful, one has to decipher the possibilities of what to DO.
It is one thing to act and think and hope and pray. But those things must become good works are they are mere fertilizer heaped on a wagon with unused potential. We can act-think-hope-pray-talk-walk-kneel but what good does that do unless we Live Differently. It is in living differently that shows the rest of the world who we are and who we follow.
I'm afraid, even the good of us, find ourselves stereotyped by prejudices and opinions of the past and others. Do we really, truly walk the walk and talk the talk and live the life we are meant to? Some say others have been brash and rude and intolerant with us so we should be likewise.
But if we are likewise, then we have become like them. Does brash, rude, un-Christian conduct win hearts? souls?
Some people see God in the Storm. There are enough people there to meet them. But that is not my place, nor do I have to make it my place.
When people who lead lives different from me feel able to talk to me or communicate with me through social media, I have to question why they are not approaching the people who are brash and fierce. There is something that makes them comfortable enough to question why I believe what I do...without feeling threatened. We meet in calm waters and, in those waters, I hope they'll let me show them the beauty and fierceness of my Creator.
Alicia's site---Living Differently---is something lovingly do-able that is neither brash or snarky in today's politically incorrect/helicopter hovering/delicate snowflake sensitive world. It's meaningful and simple and matter-of-fact and welcoming.
In this crazy, insanely arrogant, ultra-liberal world; this is more my balance. It's everything (and more) I could have hoped someone would present on the worldwide media.
I've cut down on referring to sites on this blog. I don't refer books anymore, though I would love to do so. My writing here has taken a backseat to real-life family duties, church ministry, and a search for a safe spiritual place in my otherwise busy, turbulent, crowded mid-life years. I'm at largely ok with this. Matter-of-fact, I'm better than ok with it. There are so many things out there. There's enough reading out there, there are way too many clickable links, and other people are more punctual and informative with their reviews than readers waiting on me to follow-up. And I'm blessed to be busy and surrounded by family which pulls me away from blog time.
But I have worried about what God wants of me and where I am called. The new Seasonal Planner allows me the quality and quantity and sharing of something which is precious to me: family life lived within the domestic church and planned throughout the liturgical year. And it's all on paper with just a nice little living room of friends to hold me accountable on this planning pilgrimage: Seasonal Beehive Group
This is where I belong.
In a world where rhetoric rules, Alicia's website is offensive to no one. That, my friends, is pure click on a site that is not out to win or shout the outcast quiet. She is not out to win any argument or over-debate anyone. She is not for-the-win. In a humble outreach (and I really have no idea what her original intent for the site was/is), she invites us all to

Live Differently 

Because it is in living differently that we "win" hearts and souls and lives and we become the people God calls us to be.
I'm thankful for Alicia's work (she's been offering her insight and knowledge in many ways for years) and her sharing it with all of us.  
* * * * *
In addition, here are:

 56 Ways to Be Merciful During the Jubilee Year of Mercy


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Seasonal Planner Tutorial 101

We kicked off a Tutorial this week at The Seasonal Beehive Group where we chit-chat about The New Seasonal Beehive Planner. 

I decided to place it RIGHT HERE so you don't have to go any further to see how to purposely, intentionally, and mindfully use those planners. Or if you didn't order a Winter Edition (now sold out) because you weren't sure how to use it or what it entailed, you can see all the nuts and bolts in one post. (Keep checking back as we aren't finished discussing it.)

Consider you are on the cutting edge of this creative endeavor and I certainly need your input to make it better. I don't want anyone lost and I don't want any planner sitting unused.

I'm listening...and I've heard you.  The Spring Edition will have that illusive monthly time line. Sorry it's lacking in the Winter. I was really hoping to get us away from being too "boxed in" but I guess that's defeating the purpose of being Seasonal. ;-)  Planning within timeframes is necessary and structure/routine is golden (as taught to me by my middle grandson).

So let's get those planners out.

We want to make sure they're worth your time, money and seasonal planning. God love you!

*  * * * *
Remember: This is a seasonal thing. Don't think too far into the future. Unlike yearly planners, this one centers you in the season, in the moment. I suggest getting a good set of bright pencil colors...especially for those who have the black and white planners. ‪#‎seasonalplannertutorial‬

* * * * *

Each month has quotes which guide you in a focused thought for the season. Winter's focus is GRATITUDE. The mini-month-at-a-glance is self-explanatory. I cannot even begin to plan if I can't quickly turn to the month in its fullness. The Spring Edition will have grid lines charted, per someone's request
* * * * *
Each month you're presented a page like this. We can begin our planning here. It says "share your accomplishments this month" but I think of it more as a goal sheet. This is your planner; use it either way. For the sake of not fearing our planners, let's begin now and use it for setting our top goals for next month. If you choose, in January you may prefer to use it at the end of month to write your accomplishments. Whip those pens out and put that pencil to paper. I got my p...urple gel pen cause it reminds me (intentionally) of the Christmas Novena I commit to every Advent season (if other prayers fail, this is one I'm committed to). Yes, we say Christmas around here. There's a good link for the novena here for those of you wanting to pray it with me. 
Start jotting down what your goals are- what do you want to accomplish in December-what kind of diet are you looking at- what book are you committed to reading (hopefully writing it down will keep you from over purchasing another Christmas book (like I do). ...or treat yourself to one book you've been wanting to get your mittens on). See that question mark? I want to hear what book you chose to read this season.
Notice at the bottom of page I put my own NO FAIL PLANS! ? You don't have to do this. You can note whatever you want, but I cannot let the month of December slip by without reading this little  book to my babies and creating a confectionary gingerbread house with them. Complete with Mortimer the Mouse and His Christmas Manger, it's a beautiful, simple, yummy tradition at MayMay's house every December (and lovingly includes the holy family into the fun smile emoticon ). I make note of it because it me and to those little boys! Last year we added ice cream cone decorated Christmas trees. This year I'm looking for an easy cute mouse confection to make with the boys. It's just not complete without Mortimer...and a package of wet wipes. ;-)

The Work Project Box...I am the DRE @ our local church. That is considered my "work" outside the home which clearly (for me) needs to be "boxed in" to prevent it epping into other areas of my crazy life. But I don't want that to become unintentional and crazy either. What do I want those children to walk away with in CCD next month...outside of all the crazy, busy crafts and coloring sheets and candy they will receive in the classroom? My "intentional planning" is to plan and present a lovely, thoughtful reflective meditation on the Nativity that will (hopefully) fill their hearts and minds with wonder and gratitude about the beauty of the Nativity story. I really don't need to plan anything else beyond this work project. THIS ONE THING is what matters! 

Here's an Annual Holiday List Reminder from Coffee Tea Books and Me that I thought worthy of sharing.
* * * * *
I was going to start this page with a red gel pen (you know, Christmas red). Couldn't find it. So I looked for a red pencil color (you know, berry red). Couldn't find one. So looked for any red writing instrument (you know, peppermint red). Nada! Y'all see where this is going, don't you? I could have just walked away defeated before I even began...or junked the planner in the trash...but that would only defeat myself and the dreams I had when I created this planner or---in y'alls case---when you purchased it. We can get so bogged down with our preceived expectations and appearances that we loose focus of the purpose. The secret for sucfess is: use what you have. I used a purple and green pencil color. And added a candycane sticker to keep me jolly.

I've been asked about this page and "where does one write their monthly plans?" (No fears, there will be set planning pages in the Spring) For some reason I assumed everyone already had a tried and true favorite planner they dared not part with and this was a supplemental thing. I wasn't in the market to compete with your best planner; only to enhance it. I learned quickly that a-planner-is-a-planner (especially when labeled as such...which is probably why I originally labeled it a beehive rather than a planner)...but I digress.

Back to the purpose of this page...the HEART LIST PAGE, as I call it, is really for anything YOU choose to use it for. Since there is already a gratitude list page and a prayer list page in the planner, I'm planning to use my hearts for planning the important concrete stuff. But if you need more space for gratitude or prayers or booklists...but all means...use it as such. This is your beehive to use however you like, for whatever you like, and (most of all) wherever your lies.
* * * * *

We're going to flip to this sheet in your planner. Each month has a PRAYER PONDERING PAGE. When you come upon this sheet it is time to get out those pencil colors and break open the Word and ponder for a moment in time what Christ is telling you. This page is purposely meant to pause you in order to set some prayer time into your month. All you need is your Bible, your seasonal planner, and pencil colors. Don't worry that it doesnt look a...s good as the fancy ones you see online (I'll share my first try in the comments). The goal is to focus on the the Word of God. This isn't an art class or contest (though I'd very much love to see your work). Let's get creative with those colors and that page. Embrace ‪#‎theWord‬. NOTE: beginning in Spring Edition there will also be a ready designed Scripture page for you to color on as well as some motifs my daughter is creating for you. Enjoy #theWord
* * * * *

The Seasonal Planner offers a NATURE OBSERVATION AND SKETCH PAGE each month. It is meant for you. Why? This is a tried and true concept taken from the pedagogy of 19th century English educator Charlotte Mason:
*"Never be within doors when you can rightly be without."
*"Do not send them (the children); if it is anyway possible, take them."
*"Here is the mother's opportunity to train the seeing eye, the hearing ear, and to drop seeds of truth into the open soul of the child..."
So going out of doors is healthy and educational....and necessary. And mothers need this as much as children do. So the Nature observation/sketch page is for you...the mother. Your child would have his/her own nature journal. Maybe you have one as well...which is awesome...but it's a known fact that mothers don't have time for drawing and sitting out of doors to the same capacity our children do. The seasonal planner reminds you each month to make time for it. In your alone time or with your child.
And that sweet little black missal you see, was introduced to me by Jennifer Gregory Miller and I absolutely love it. It's a treasure! The title is Rural Life Prayer Book compiled by Alban J. Dauchauer, S.J.
* * * * *
The Winter Edition has a MEAL PLANNING PAGE for Christmas (of course) and I started on it recently while sitting at the hospital waiting for my husband to get out of surgery.

‪#‎theseasonalbeehiveplanner‬ fits snug in your purse and it's a good thing to whip out so as to focus on better things than sick gallbladders.

* * * * *
Do you choose to be Grateful? The Winter Edition of ‪#‎theseasonalbeehiveplanner‬ focuses on ‪#‎gratitude‬ . Each month reminds you to count your ‪#‎dailyblessings‬ on the GRATITUDE PAGE. A life of gratitude blocks negative thoughts and behavior. ‪#‎plannertutorial‬

* * * * *
The Winter Edition of #theseasonalbeehiveplanner focuses on #gratitude and we're talking about those #hiddencorners where we recreate, remake, recharge, restore, and reward ourselves and where we gain the courage to take on a new day. I need these corners, perhaps more than the average person. I admire people who fly thru life without a need for corners and solitude; but I also admire a God who made me so uniquely different from others. #seasonaldepression #winter #planners HT to @annvoskamp who has taught so many of us the life changing beauty of gratitude. Tag your #hiddenbeehives

My good friend Dawn has a knack for discovering and enjoying Cozy Corners. So if you need inspiration or a reprieve from Life's Busy Beehives of Activity...go see Dawn @ By Sun and Candlelight.
* * * * *
The DAYBOOK PAGE. These are quite popular on blogs. I reworked some of the areas and placed a daybook in each month. Per a request I'm considering placing one daybook per week for each month in the Spring Edition. Daybooks are done once a week and are simple casual prompts for capturing a moment of life. These were common for ladies of yesterday to keep, probably the first diaries. I find them fun to do. Daybooks can be done in one sitting or at intervals. Interruptions don't matter and don't make a but of difference, and they're fun too read over years later.
* * * * *

I had a lady at a recent holiday show gasp when she saw the CHALLENGE PAGE and say,"oh, no! I could never do that." I think it scared her away.
I purposely set the bar on this challenge to be 10 days instead of 30 (and buyers of #theseasonalbeehiveplanner are welcome to make copies of the sheet to extend it to 20-30-40-50 days...however high they project their success rate) so as... to make it do-able, baby steps. It should not be viewed as a burden. It's only for your accountability.

Perhaps you want to keep your house a little cleaner. Perhaps you want to relax with some movies or books you normally don't take time to watch. It can be used to keep track of your prayer time. Perhaps you want to challenge yourself to watch your diet intake so as to enjoy Christmas eve and Christmas day. Then there's always those exercise goals we commit to.

Each matter what you commit to...assists you in keeping track of your water intake. That's something I struggle with because I dislike the blandness of water so I purchased some drink enhancers in thise little squirt bottles, hoping that will encourage my water intake.

Don't let these Challenge pages scare you away. No one needs to see your chart but YOU! And even if, at the end of 30 days, you only have 10 days recorded, you will be able to say, "I did that much! I'm sure I can do 10 more" rather than wondering if you did any days at all.

So what's your Winter Challenge? #plannertutorial
* * * * *
There is a BOOK PAUSE PAGE in ‪#‎theseasonalbeehiveplanner‬ prompts you to keep a booklist or write your own review of a book you read recently. The plan for future ‪#‎seasonalplanner‬ is to deliver a book review to you. That's the plan. I hope you'll share with me some books/series you love and write a brief review of them. What books turn your towards home and family?

* * * * *
This is what I call the CAPTURE PAGE!
December 1st is right around the corner. Spread those planners open and make use of the prompts within. Not too much, not to little. I believe a well-used planner helps to balance our lives. This page helps you capture what you would normally not remember by the time January 2016 rolls around.

Stay tuned. We're just getting warmed up with this tutorial. Lots more to come. :-)

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Planner in a Nutshell

What is The Seasonal Beehive Planner exactly?

In a nutshell...or rather...a beehive...

...this is how the Seasonal Planner has been described or referenced to.  ;-)
  • Calendar
  • Journal 
  • Daybook
  • Sketch pad
  • Nature journal
  • Planning guide
  • Devotional
  • Commonplace Book

  • List keeper
  • Meal planner

  • Scripture Count
  • Prayer journal
  • Bullet journal
  • Quote keeper
  • Book Memes
  • An Organizer
  • Seasonal Magazine 
It has a little of all these things wrapped tightly in 88 pages. The Spring Edition is already at 93 pages as we have added a "planner" section and have restructured it to be a bit MORE user-friendly. The Winter Edition was a bit of a learning curve. ;-)

But if we aren't learning, we aren't improving. :-)

Buyers have termed it to be:
  • A Seasonal Inspiration
  • A Working Journal
  • An Activity Book for Adults
  • My Best Friend (I especially love this one! ❤❤❤ )

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Questions About the Seasonal Planner

When does the Winter Edition begin?

Each seasonal planner covers 3 months. The Winter Edition Begins with December 2015 and continues with January and February 2016.

Can I still order the Winter Edition?
Yes...through the month of November. Order link is HERE.

When will the Spring Edition be ready to order? 

In January. We might have a pre-order date towards the end of December. Check the Cajun Cottage Shoppe for ordering date. I will also send a personal mail out to everyone who has already ordered a Winter Edition.

Where is the Seasonal Planner available?

Besides ordering online from the Cajun Cottage Shoppe, the planner will also be available at the Living Advent Workshop in Virginia on November 7th. The lovely Ruth Tucker and her daughter Adrianna will have a few limited copies at their tables: Loreto Rosaries, LLC and My Little Felt Friends.

The Seasonal Planner will also be available locally on November 19-21 at the Lake Charles Civic Center @ Mistletoe and Moss in Louisiana.

What are people saying about The Seasonal Beehive Planner?

Read reviews here. What People are Saying About The Seasonal Planner

What can I expect in the Spring Edition?

The Winter Edition is the first of its kind. I looked and looked and googled and searched and couldn't find anything to walk hand-in-hand with my family and I through the seasons I so love. So I began creating. The Winter Edition will walk you through a rhyme of seasons but the Spring Edition will dance you through...because with the Winter Edition I fell into a wonderful pace in making the Spring Edition even better.

Because of that the Spring Edition is Just Got 100% BetterIt doesn't mean the Winter Edition doesn't have lots of good stuff, it just means that with putting the Winter Edition into your hands, you told me what you liked and what you needed more of. I finally sacked the "planner" essence and tied it up into a bow in the Spring Edition. We're going to embrace and enjoy theses seasons together.

Is the Seasonal Planner gender specific?
SBP is geared to women. I think the tutorial will show you many of the pages and what it looks like. A man could "use" it, of course, but the practical side of a man probably won't be impressed with nature study and Scripture prompts and heart-point pages. never knows.

Happy Seasonal Planning!

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