Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today's Feast Day

No, we did not watch O'Bama's speech. My husband brought the transcript home and I have yet to read that. It isn't that I disapprove of any speech which encourages our children to make the most of their education and the minds God blessed them with, but my husband and I can influence (and have influenced) our children better in a lifetime of examples and words than O'Bama can in...what?...15 minutes? So if, and when, I see the need, I can find the speech and several usable resources online to use at my discretion. That's my right and that's my freedom.

Today, we began the day and school year with a low-Latin Mass and covered-dish luncheon in celebration of our Blessed Mother's birthday.

Mary's Table

The cake which I did not have to bake.

The Feast
Fun and Games


  1. Your pictures of your parish celebration really made me miss my old VA parish, where we had a large and active hs group. It looks like you had a wonderful feast day! I love your blog, btw!

  2. Thank you, Caroline. :o)
    Nice to "see" you.

  3. ditto on the Obama speech!

    what a wonderful way to spend your first day back to school!


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