Saturday, December 19, 2009

Edible Advent Wreaths

We made these a few years ago with some friends. This year I made them with my 4th grade catechism class. My girls and I will make them again this Sunday, December 20th, for the final Sunday of Advent and Annie's birthday.

They are so easy to make, so enjoyable to eat, and such a wonderful treat to observe the first or last Sunday of Advent.

Items needed:
  • plain doughnuts (glazed, cake, or however you like them)
  • vanilla frosting tinted green
  • red hot candies (for berries)
  • a plastic knife so they can frost their doughnut
  • 4 birthday candles per wreath (I was unable to find purple candles so we used 3 whites and 1 pink)

For my class I added (because it heightened the suspense in this sweet treat):
  • green sprinkles
  • transparent sugar sprinkles (for snow)
Light your main Advent wreath and your minature edible ones and turn out the lights and sing (or listen to) Silent Night and Oh Holy Night (a stunning vocal performance by Martina McBride with absolutely no musical percussions at all...just her voice). This is a wonderful time to remind our children that Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa are not Christmas carols. Culture songs, perhaps, but not carols. All true Christmas carols sing about the glory of Christ's Nativity.

The children will delight in this edible project (I guarantee it) and will equally delight in the information you share about Christmas carols. Just ask my class what a true Christmas carol is. They will tell you. They can also tell you all about Advent, Advent wreaths, and what each candle signifies.

The first candle: We Hope in the coming our Lord Jesus!
Second candle: We find Peace knowing our Lord Jesus is coming!
Third candle: We experience Joy in the anticipated coming of our Lord Jesus!
Fourth candle: We Love our Lord Jesus who has come to earth to save us!
Fifth candle (white candle placed in the center of wreath on Christmas morning): Represents Christ~the light and Savior of the World!

If you can find this lovely, historical, artistic picture book (which is surprisingly, appallingly, unjustifiably OOP), you must read it aloud to your family:


  1. Just beautiful, Cay! I know my kids would have fun with this edible craft!

  2. I think we will be doing this, this week--it is just lovely!

  3. Adorable. My kids would love these. The way to a boy's heart is the stomach :)

  4. oh my word ... we have that book. But it is in German and we bought it in Austria. I haven't read it yet this year ... I need to.


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