Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Magical Month of Sweets

Every December the girls and I scoop out our Gooseberry Patch Christmas Cookies Cookbook and select our favorite cookie recipes. In Christmases past, we've done the grab-bag scenerio. That was fun and the girls loved our gift bag with all the cookie names written on gift tags tossed, tumbled, and shook into that bag. It was really a sweet tradition.

This year I only designated one week to cookie baking because I wanted to extend our holiday tradition to include other sweet treats such as last year when we enjoyed a Gingerbread Day with the birthday girl and cousins.

There are enough picture books to gobble up the entire month in cookies, peppermint, gingerbread, puddings, eggnog, punch, and candy. It gives us a wonderful chance to journey with Clara and her Nutcracker friend to the Magical Land of Sweets and we fully intend to pack our snowcases and take a trip there.

If you care to join us, I'll be posting all our cookie picture books from last week, as well as what we're reading this week...real soon!

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