Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Fittings

Yes,  it's still Lent so our Lenten altar remains. (The dough fish was created by Annie.)

One of my CCD students brought me a pinecone at the beginning of Lent and I later found it on our Lenten altar. Not sure who put it there but...somehow, it fits.
In days past, the children and I would decorate the house lavishly for Eastertime. Easter mornings are much different now and we spend that time in more limited ways so, even though it's still Lent, the girls and I did a little bit to "resurrect" our home. Afterall, 'tis spring around here.

Excuse my little loppy-eared white bunny rabbit (sitting on piano). I've had this little guy since 1974 and, somewhere along the way, his left ear drooped. But he's still a very big part of my Easters and graces my house every Easter. Every!

Colors seem to fit perfectly with the girls' Splatster. We're all about color-coordinating around here. :-)

My husband's childhood Easter tree. The girls and I plan to make it "bloom" this Easter.
The girls and I even went dress shopping yesterday and had a delightful time! Swimsuits and Easter dresses! We're all set!
Later, while taking shots of our Easter decorating, I saw Annie's new little shoes still on the table where she left them. I didn't have the heart to remove them from the picture.

Somehow, they fit.

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