Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Love This!

Chatting at the Sky writes:
"It has to do with a real life Tuesday...The 24th, to be exact. I hung my camera around my neck and decided to document the day as it happened: the messy, the lovely and the unexpected."

"So what was an ordinary, regular day is now a sweet memory I want to keep. I wondered about all the other ordinary Tuesdays passing by and decided not to let them go without at least a little reflection. What about you?...One thing we all collectively realize is that what seems everyday today will not be so tomorrow. And so we pause. Join us?"

* * * * *

Deciding not to let another ordinary Tuesday pass by unkept, I grabbed my camera, took a few pauses of my day to unwrap my reflections, found an ordinary object in my home that showed a glimpse into the heart of my home and, by documenting it with a photo, I turned it into something extra-ordinary.

Amidst "the messy, the lovely and the unexpected" I unwrapped "the gift of the everyday" and found one "sweet memory I want to keep.":

This framed doily was made by my husband's maternal grandmother: Memomma. She crocheted countless ones for all her daughters, granddaughters, granddaughter-in-laws, and greats. One Christmas my mother-in-law had her make four doilies and had each one framed for her four daughter-in-laws. She matched the color to our living rooms at the time.

In this heriloom piece upon my wall is a piece of Memomma, a piece of Bass, a piece of Girlinghouse, a piece of history, a piece of family, a piece of memory.

I only wish I had four more so that, as each of my children marries and moves out of my home into their own, I could send them off with a piece of love from Memomma...a piece of love that would smile upon their homes...a piece that would help their new walls to talk.

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  1. This is so dear. I love it. Thank you for sharing this sweet gift with us.


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