Monday, May 3, 2010

It's a Berry Nice Time of Year

Mayhaws stewing in a pot.
Our trees ended up with quince rust again this year. Our old neighbors in Carlyss called to tell us that their trees were loaded. In the good old-fashioned neighborly way, they shared their bounty.
This kitchen tool was found in Meme's pantry when we moved into her house.

We had no idea what it was used for, but we kept it because it was old looking and I love curious antique kitchen items.
We used it to mash the pulp out of the mayhaws to be turned into mayhaw butter. It worked beautifully and we decided it must be a fruit press and so we labeled it such.
We found out the next day that it is (was) a potato masher. We were pretty close.
We ended up with 3 containers of mayhaw juice which are now in the freezer waiting on Momma to make mayhaw jelly. :-)


  1. Didja wanna send some of that there jelly north? I'll letcha....

  2. Sure...I think the postal sytem allows that.
    :-)Don't they?


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