Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One of My Favorite Resources Too...

...and Jennifer wrote about it better than I can: A Bit More About My Favorite Resource

We both write for the magazine (which is the only Catholic homeschooling magazine resource out there, btw ;-) along with many other writers who believe in this ministry and wish to give back to the homeschooling community which has taught them so much. We all believe in the value, commitment, and mentoring this resource offers.

If you are one who prefers to see and inspect a resource before making a buying decision, let me assure you that everyone who walks up to the Hillside Education table at the conventions I have attended have lingered over the back issues offered to them and bought an issue to take home. Those who already have subscriptions to Mater et Magistra bless us by stopping to tell us how eagerly they await each issue and how much they enjoy each issue when it arrives in the mail.

Shortly you will begin ordering school items for your children, why not treat yourself first. Mater et Magistra will help you discern your educational prospects, plan your school year, make educated decisions, observe the liturgical year, and give you mental food for the journey. You will also meet other homeschooling families who share their experiences as well as homeschooled graduates who share their homeschooling journeys. A free unit study is provided in each issue.

Plus, there is FREE stuff on the website for all Catholic homeschoolers. There is now a blogspot provided to keep you informed of updates. Link it to your GoogleReader today.

Here's a sneak peek at the Spring Issue. If you're interested in the Good Shepherd Catechesis, use of Atriums for spiritual guidance, the Montessori approach, and more ideas to use as first-time home educating parents or parents of youngsters; you don't want to miss this issue.  To see more contents in this issue go here: Spring Issue

The Summer Issue will come out before the 2010-11 school bell rings. Consider the subscription fee part of your Teacher Inservice for the 2010-11 new school year. The Summer Issue is focused on the Journey of Homeschooling and will give you the provisions you need to start the school year with sure footing.

It's also a good idea to pray to the Mother and Teacher of Our Lord Jesus Christ before planning and beginning your new school plans.

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