Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Backyard Conversation

The conversation as told secondhand to me.
My husband is working in the backyard on our new chicken tractor...
...when our backyard neighbor waves him down and calls out...
"Do you have your chickens yet?"
"Huh?" My husband stops hammering, confused. "How'd you know about that?"
"The chickens," my neighbors repeats. "Cay said y'all were getting chickens."
"Don't tell me that she (meaning ME) put that on Facebook!" My husband wakes up to the 21st century.
My neighbor laughs as her husband...
 ...who is also outside in the backyard agrees. "Nothing is sacred any more, is it?"

Special thanks to our friends and up-the-road neighbors who gave us a tour of their Hobby Farm today, gave us valuable information concerning the construction of brooders (e.g. hardware cloth), and suggested I go to McMurray Hatchery to order our first baby chicks.


  1. Have fun, Cay! I have always wanted to have chickens. And thanks for sharing your adventure!


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