Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cajun Cottage Mud Pie Kitchen

This blog post made me smile: Creating a Mud Pie Kitchen (HT: Elizabeth)

The pictures left my 8 year old daughter in culinary awe for several extra minutes before announcing that she was going to thoroughly clean her cajun cottage and recreate her own Mud Pie Kitchen. I reminded her that only a few short weeks before she and her friends' mud pie business had been in full swing in the art of making pies and cakes and muffins.

Timing is everything around here. Those dear little friends are coming to visit us again next week for a few days, so today's plans (ordered by Annie) are to go through Mommy's old cooking utensils, clean the cottage, and add brownies and cookies to the menu.

It's going to be a delicious summer!

While we're cleaning, I'll let the pictures from two weeks ago tell the rest of the story.
Shopping in the garden.
Using a tile as a cheese rock grater.
An old jar of honey found in a tree...I'm serious!
Fern lettuce!
Under rocks-and-leaves produce.

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