Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Touch of Tender

We had a "change of plans" just like blogger Bower-Lesley yesterday. Quite the same.
Quite as anticipated.
Quite as nice.
Quite as tender.
Quite as wonderful.
Quite as fascinating.
Quite as fun!
Quite as loving!
Quite as educational.
Quite as cuddly!


  1. Dear Cay,
    I am so glad I found my way here to see your own dear chicks....I wonder what kind they are? And how are they all doing? That looks like quite a wonderful brooder you have....since we have so few, ours our living in our woodbox at the moment.

    Enjoy all their sweetness, and may they grow up well and strong.

  2. Thank you for visiting, Lesley. I was so tickled that we got our chicks the same time as you...and also had to detour our plans to pick them up at the post office. lol

    Our are Rhode Island Reds. My husband wanted some good egg layers.

    They are doing wonderful. How about yours?

  3. Sweet! I love chickens and especially baby chicks. :)


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