Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer has Flown...

...and I haven't done a good job of documenting my family's summer on this online photo album so I'm going to update with Twitter/FB captions and photos.

August 14th: "Saw a purple dragonfly on my clothesline this morning. I've seen green, blue, amd brown but never purple."

August 13th: "Dance schedule in place. Now I can hopefully plan the rest of our lives."

August 11th: "Sometimes you simply have to sit back and watch the show and know that some people need the applause...even if you don't."

August 5th: "Rain is coming. After seeing waiting line for Redbox @ Walgreens, I'm happy to have Netflix at home. Bring on the rain!"

August 2nd: "My mornings never go smoothly...unless i stay home."

August 1st: "Girls having slumber party @ my aunt's, Mark and Garrett working on soccer goals @ MBBC, Kayleigh working. I'm home alone...enjoying the nothingness."

July 31st: "I have a piece included in this book which is coming out soon. I'm sure we could all use some Stories for the Homeschool Heart to get us motivated and inspired for the upcoming school year. Preorder today!"

July 31st: "Rumor has it that Kansas soccer fields have some very HOT artificial more ways than one. Melted the glue right off the cleats. And the Italian coaches were great! Garrett & team are headed home today. Please pray for safe journey."

July 30th: "August just might prove to be busier than December."
July 29th: "Watching a pirate remove his hat to pray leaves an impression."

July 27th: "VBS...Lunch w/ all my girl...Japanese folk artist at Library...Puppy dog origami puppets @ home...Meerkat Manor while it rains...Perfect!"

July 26th: "Nursing a child w/ injured back while ordering school books and getting online inspiration."

July 23rd: "Just finished canning 6 small jars of watermelon rind. We all agree it tastes like sweet squash."

July 23rd: "My 8 yr old got two black eyes after a fight w/ an exercise bar, cut her own bangs, and has pink neon converse teenie shoes. She's growing up nicely."

July 18th: "Back home...sipping my Blackberry Arbor Mist."

July 18th: "Taking a walk down the Cane River w/ husband & Annie."

July 18th: "Up and on rd at 5am for Nachitoches. Hotel would have been much nicer."


  1. What a wonderful summer you gave your brood, Cay! Love the tree climbing pics!

  2. Thank you, Leticia. It's been a fun summer. Blogs are great scrapbooks for preserving those memories. :-)


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