Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ah, Little Man...

We have missed you!
My youngest told me today that she knows the truth about the Tooth Fairy. Said she figured it out herself.
And Santa, well she figured out his magic on her own after last Christmas. She's smart that way.
But you, Little Elf, are something else.
There's something magical about you that she just can't let go of.
And you still had the bell wrapped round your neck that she left out for you along with Santa's cookies and milk. She plans to listen for you as you move through the house at night this year. ;-)
The smile when she saw you and the bubble of anticipation that escaped her makes me believe!
You, little man, are the last friend of her childhood. And it's been a magical one. Thank you for the memories.
~ Welcome Back, Jingles! ~


  1. Cay...we just started this tradition this year! We named our elf "Clive". We started Thanksgiving night..and Clive is already running out of places to perch! What have I gotten myself into?

  2. Oh Cay, we got ours yesterday in the mail. He has been named, Francis! The little children are all in awe. Dominic is so excited, he still believes in all things. Now, Margaret on the other hand walked around the house all day peering out of the corner of her eye at him with complete suspicion. She finally blurted out at the end of the day "I think he is a toy, he has never moved!!"
    Thanks for sharing this idea with us!!! we are Blessed.

  3. Ah, little Margaret, I'm suspicious that she's far wiser than her years. ;-) When we left the game Tues. night, Garrett's friend Megan was saying how adorable she was. Of course...she's Margaret. lol

  4. Nancy, for two years Jingles has navigated every imaginable place in the house. Even the bathroom and the older sister's bedroom. She told me he is off-limits in both rooms. Gee, is he a toy? or isn't he? Hmmmm... ;-) This morning I see he has alighted in an old spot. Next to the Christmas tree. :-)


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