Monday, January 17, 2011

Counting My Holy Experiences

It's been a long breath since I read Sarah ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance. I remember how she said to script a journal of simple blessings everyday.
Last Christmas my friend Kimberly gave me a "Blessings/Gifts Journal" with a shell the color of my current blog banner and the simple instruction to: "Every time you think of something the Lord has given to you, write it down."
And a prophesy: "May this journal become a legacy for you and your children---and one day, grandchildren---of the faithfulness of the Lord. May it remind you just how much He loves you."
Thus begins my sampling of those holy experiences that shines a candle over the faithfulness of God and how much He loves me.

* * * * *

#1  A week entered into w/ trepidation yet blessed with God's grace on everything and everyone
#2   Being allowed the friendship of one so dear and the grace to listen to her as she commits to my prayers the health of her children, her heart cracked open by the recent loss of her baby, flooded anew by her husband's recent unemployment, and shuttered by a more recent car accident.
#3   Our church's Confirmation candidates for 2011
#4   People who work the home mission field with me...for God and no other
#5  For scattered paper trails and Duct-Tape Art projects
#6   Clean pantries
#7 Boston Creme Pies
#8 Older daughters who come home
#9 Older daughters who have aced the fine arts of everything domestic even though you can't take credit for teaching any of it...unless it was all those years of helping to care for younger siblings.
#10 Middle daughters who have become exceedingly tidy...though you can't take credit for that either.
#11 President's List
#12 Dean's List
#13 Reminding another child to always remember that a test score does not define his life
#14   Co-op classes which prepare my children for studies in the areas I lack
#15   Awesome sons who give me and get me set-up and all-a-twitter with my first-ever Iphone!
Dare to Live...Right Where You Are...Count Your Holy Experiences...See how Much God loves you...

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  1. Oh Cay,
    I am so glad to see you counting your holy experiences. I have been doing it for a year now and will continue until the book is full! My most recent entries include a warm hug from Grand Poobah on a cold morning.

    Thank you for taking the challenge. I can't wait to see how God uses it in your life. For me, it has been a constant reminder that He is in everything. From the huge events like the President's/Dean's the hug from my smallest one as she murmurs in my ear, "I love you, Mommy."

    Still counting.



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