Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pure Sugar...with a Little Bit of Peppermint

A December post that never got posted...

I couldn't find the meat tenderizer-hammer and my littlest elf, who beat the peppermint candy on our last peppermint spree, wasn't home; so I didn't remember what we used to crush the mints. Had to go out to my husband's shop to find a hammer. Done!


My middle daughter enters the kitchen. She's sick so she has to stand back from the baking center by about fifteen or so feet (give or take an inch). She ventures an observation, "Mom, yours doesn't exactly look like the one in the picture."

Remember, she is speaking from some fifteen feet away...possibly fifty.

"I know, honey. Mine never does. That's why I'm not on television with Rachael Ray and Paula Deen making the big bucks. But it tastes all the same, doesn't it?"
It's all good...and very yummy!

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