Saturday, May 14, 2011

Child-Friendly Art Easels for Little Artists

First I wish to welcome new readers who are here to join us in the P.O.P. Nature Study featuring this book by Karen Andreola: Pocketful of Pinecones

We've just begun so you haven't missed a thing. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

* * * * *
The next thing I wanted to focus your attention on are these art easels. Ever since my first picture post of them {A Day in the Garden}, several of you have asked me where I got these darling art easels.

I bought them as Christmas gifts at Hobby Lobby, I believe, but it could have been Michael's Crafts. Not sure.

I truly thought they were Doug and Melissa fare because we have several Doug and Melissa minted products and love their products. Alas, the art tray has no brand name, no sticker, no identity other than {cute and child-friendly} tagged onto it.

I remember they were extremely well-priced. Under $20.00. Being Christmas gifts this made them quite the reindeer's neigh. :-) Without a brand name, that's probably why they were so cheap affordable.

The whole search-thing has turned into a mystery of sorts.

It has turned into total embarrassment on my part, believe it or not.

One would think I have been snubbing you  ignoring all of you, but I'm not.

I am truly baffled!

I have kept my eyes open and searched but, as gracious as Google is, I have not been able to find these exact easels. I'm at a loss.

At a loss, I finally ran screaming for the hills. Once in the hills, I forgot about it.

Then, when I did think about them, I did what all artists and writers do. I procrastinated.

Forgive me?
When I unthinkingly reposted the photos, the heartwarming requests would start all over again. People have asked me on Facebook where did I find those darling art boxes? That's when I remembered my tardiness, my deliquency and I began searching anew, committing myself to finding a link to share with everyone.

Only to end-up running for the swamp, screaming in frustration. :-)

I remember buying them as Christmas gifts for my girls. That's the only thing I'm sure of.

I'm also quite sure that, yes, they are very darling, very portable, child-friendly, and well-loved. The girls have used their fearlessly. Today's paint and pastel stained cases are proof enough.

Mary M. helped find this one at Art Advantage: Box Art Easels {while this is the closest I've seen to ours, it still is not the exact same}

Our art boxes came with a paint tray along with the paints and brushes. It was a complete set-up. Everything but the paper. It was more than the reindeer's neigh. It was the feed and trough too. :-)

Mary says her children have something like this one, also bought at Hobby Lobby: Box Easel Beechwood

I found the old pictures I took of our easels when they were brand new. Evidently I had planned to do a post that never evolved. I found these photos adrift in my photoshop, filed properly under the file labeled: School. ;-)

Here is an updated picture of Chelsea's well-used, well-loved art easel. It has been well-worth the dimes Santa paid for it. I just wish I could have given you the go-to link.

Forgive me?

I was also asked what art program we were doing.

Does Wal-Mart curriculum count?

They have affordable paint palettes at Wal-Mart, painting boards, and Chelsea (in the above photos) chose a slice of tree to paint on. That dear painting now hangs in Oma and Opa's camp at Toledo Bend.

We have used many art curriculums throughout our homeschooling years and have also been blessed with art classes at our local weekly co-op. But, when we're left on our own to Mother Nature and our backyard and the Botanical Art Shows in and around Louisiana, we turn to our heart's desire, whatever supplies are at our disposal, and the nature notebooks as suggested by our dear friend Charlotte Mason.

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