Friday, June 17, 2011

When Other Children Vacation at Your Home

  • your menu ahead of time
  • shop ahead of time---don't forget four things: (1) box of popsicles, (2) rotating yard sprinkler, (3) popcorn, (4) movie
  • don't sweat the small stuff (including the popcorn)
  • plan one fun activity per day
  • send them outside with waterpaint, sidewalk chalk, and utensils to cook in their mud pie kitchen
  • buy extra rolls of tiolet paper
  • throw a blanket on the ground under a shady tree, put food in a picnic basket, and declare that lunch is served
  • eat on paper plates at suppertime
  • tag a fresh cup daily for everyone
  • pick up stray cups in your yard...and count it as your daily exercise

You Will Find Out that...
  • other people's children open and close the refrigerator as often as yours do
  • other people's children argue with their siblings as often as yours do
  • brothers are known as "the devil's advocate" in all families...not just yours
  • you don't need extra rooms and extra beds...children are perfectly happy bunking together on the floor in one room
  • only four things are necessary: (1) a box of popsicles, (2) a rotating yard sprinkler, (3) popcorn, and (4) a Netflix or RedBox movie are cheap entertainment and keeps everyone happy on hot summer days


  1. lol, I enjoyed this so much...we just did this about two weeks ago, my five and her was interesting but totally fun!

  2. :))) all kids are the same when it comes to those things you said:))
    That's a very nice thing, to take care of other's children in their vacation. I once went to a Ontario cottage on vacation and there I met a family that was doing the same thing. Me and my husband and kinds helped them, and I can say it was one of the best vacations ever.


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