Monday, July 18, 2011

Heart Summer Mondays!!!

1.) Ignored my house snubbing its nose  mess at me
2.) Texted w/ Chelsea a bit...she comes home tomorrow and is having a fabulous time in Georiga
3.) Checked email and FB
4.) Stuck head in freezer and decided what's for dinner
5.) Watched Good Luck, Charlie with Annie...there's something about this show that tickles me and seems so familiar (late-in-life parents, baby sister, older children, crazy mother, :-). I rubbed Annie's back, she rubbed my leg. We love summer mornings around here!
6.) Did a blog post
7.) Started washing bedding
8.) Potato & Cubed Ham Soup for lunch
9.) Annie found her Girl's Gourmet Cupcake Maker from a past Christmas and decided to make us some cupcakes
10.) Enjoying my chocolate cupcake w/ vanilla icing
11.) Switched over laundry
12.) Heading to office to type a few lesson plans
13.) Stop by Adoration Chapel
14.) Home to cook supper
15.) Netflix
Love Summer Mondays!

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