Sunday, November 20, 2011

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“Apostolic zeal, which should animate all the faithful, is a direct result of their baptism,” he said, “and they cannot shirk their responsibility to profess their faith in Christ and his Gospel wherever they find themselves, and in their daily lives.” ~ Pope Benedict encourages us all to reach out to non-Catholics

"A spiritual communion is a devotion that we can initiate on our own, either inside or outside of holy Mass. We can make a spiritual communion at any time and in any place, as long as we approach the devotion with “renewed faith, reverence, humility and in complete trust in the goodness of the divine Redeemer” and are “united to him in the spirit of the most ardent charity,” according to Pope Pius XII’s encyclical Mediator Dei (The Sacred Liturgy). In spiritual communion, we embrace Our Lord as if we had actually received him in the Eucharist." ~ Make a Spiritual Communion

"What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful. It behooves all of us to preserve the riches which have developed in the Church’s faith and prayer, and to give them their proper place." Pope Benedict XVI on Catholic Tradition
"The Pope explained that, in the course of his catechesis dedicated to the Psalms, he had sought to focus on those 'that reflect the different situations in life and the various attitudes we may have towards God. I would like to renew my call to everyone to pray the Psalms, to become accustomed to using the Liturgy of the Hours, Lauds, Vespers, and Compline. Our relationship with God can only be enriched by our journeying towards Him day after day'." ~ I'd Like Everyone to use the Liturgy of the Hours

So if you do use the Liturgy of the Hours, blogmistress Daria Sockey is interested in hearing from you: Guest Psalmsayers Wanted
"Is it possible to be reconciled with God without going to confession? What about Protestants who commit mortal sins? When is general absolution warranted? And what about the dying who can’t confess?" ~ Jimmy Akin podcast
"Beginning on the first Sunday of Advent (2011) we will all begin using the third edition of the Roman Missal, so Mass responses are going to change a little. Most of us are going to need to read along for awhile- let’s face it- old habits die hard and many of us have been saying to same responses every Sunday for our entire lives. It’s time to re-program our brains." ~ Blogmistress at Catholic Icing very generously gives us a Free Resource Booklet on the Mass to download and print for kids

"Can the poor souls pray for us? Generally, we must say, “no” the poor souls cannot pray for us. In the ordinary course of things, the poor souls are neither in the state to pray in our behalf, nor have they knowledge of our needs or our prayers. However, there is no reason to think that God could not grant special dispensations to certain of the poor souls at times. Thus it was that, according to the testimony of several saints, some poor souls have heard and answered the prayers of the living." ~ New Theological Movement

"We might wonder how it is that an indulgence can be applied to the holy souls. Since the Church on earth has no jurisdiction over the souls in purgatory, how can she provide an indulgence to ease their sufferings?" ~ Indulgences Offered for the Dead During the Month of November

"As a resource to help young people (and us “older than young” people too!) know their faith, the YOUCAT opens a door." ~ A Few Reasons to Use the New YOUCAT 

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