Thursday, December 15, 2011

STOP! Look Beyond Your Screen

Right this moment...STOP...and focus on what lies beyond your screen.
STOP! reading the blog post about the daughter who got to star in the Nutcracker ballet. Look at your own daughter and thank God for her talents and capabilities. Everyone has something special they can do.

STOP! reading that blog post about the family who lives on a beautiful cul de sac on a beautiful street in a beautiful town in the beautiful mountains. Look out your door at your own plot of land and breathe in a sigh of thanksgiving that you live where you live. Thanksgiving is in the air you breathe.

STOP! reading that blog post about the mom whose children are always nice and perfectly obedient. Know it is not always so. This life is not perfect.

STOP! reading about the husband who compliments his wife everyday and mops the floor for her. Look at your own spouse and ask yourself what you can do to appreciate him more, how can you make his life happier. We all need to be validated.

STOP! looking at all those Facebook photos of other people's beautifully decorated houses and Christmas trees. Set-up one corner of your house and make it beautiful---as beautiful as you can---and look at it whenever you are tempted to become discouraged. We all need beauty.

STOP! watching those shows on television that glamorize perfect housewives who wear diamond rings and lipstick and stiletto heels. Fuzzy warm socks are better for walking around in, with less chance of tripping over ourselves. ;)

STOP! watching those updates of the woman who has a weekly bousecleaner. Pick up your dust cloth and dust your living room, clean out your kitchen sink, and swish your toilet bowls with a little bleach and brush. You will feel instantly better. Much better.

STOP! savoring the aromas and party foods that beckon you from other blogs. Write a menu based on what your budget can afford, get up from the computer, and go to your kitchen. Salivating over other people's food plans does not feed your stomach nor that of your family.

STOP! dreaming of other people's trips to ski resorts and European vacations. God has you here for now. Here! Here! In this moment in time you are Here! How do you sanctify the place God has placed you? How do you blossom where He has planted you?

I hope none of you find this too harsh or spoiling. Blogs and magazines and Facebook stats come from well-intentioned people, friends, and writers who are happy and hopeful to share and want to bless you. Family and friends are connected now more so than ever. That's a blessing.

Still...there is a threatening risk to live within this screen and become disappointed within our own homes, our own spouses, our own children, our own lives. It happens all the time.

Don't let it happen within your home, within your life.

You only have one life! Don't live it encased in a screen.

When you begin to do this, when you begin to really look at your life with gratefulness and thanksgiving, you will begin to see it in a different light. Then, and only then, will you be able to take your foot off the brake and go back to looking at blog updates and Facebook stats without that knawing worm of discontent. You'll be able to accelerate in life knowing that you are living the life God granted you with real understanding and true gratitude and, because of that, you will be able to smile a whisper of thanksgiving to God for other people's blessings...even when they aren't yours.

STOP! Look beyond your screen and live within the life which God has granted you. It's up to you to make it the best, blessed life you possibly can. Only you can make your life come true.


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