Thursday, January 19, 2012

Facing Our Conversations

This quote is fantastic...

"You are a poor listener if you are solely interested in leading every conversation and showing no interest in anything that is said by others; if you are uneasy while others are speaking and are thinking only of what you are going to say when you get a chance; if you belittle the truth or value of what others say by always butting in something more significant, always topping their stories with something better; if you interrupt others in order that you may speak and reveal your pride and self-love; or if you are unable to keep silence while others are managing to keep a conversation alive. It is uncharitable to ignore certain of one's companions during a conversation. This is done when, in a small group, two of the group launch out into a personal conversation whose subject matter and interest completely exclude the other members of the group. This springs from selfishness and a sense of self-importance. ~ Fr. Lawrence Lovasik

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  1. Great quote--I think I will have my two oldest use it for copywork tomorrow!


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