Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When Mondays Need Clarifying

On the heels of Monday, I wrote:

"Mondays are long days for us. It's punctuated by and seems to exist for the sole purpose of co-op classes and setting the rest of our weeks in order. This is rather odd if I think about it because it is our one full day out of the house so it's rather bizarre that the one full day out of the house is the day that defines and lines-up the rest of our week which is spent mainly at home. Something seems slightly off-balanced there."

What seemed odd to me yesterday became so crystal-clear this morning. What seemed off-balanced yesterday seems so balanced today.

If it weren't for hectic Mondays punctuating our days, my family (personally) may never get out of the starting gate towards the rest of the week. I'm serious.

We are a pretty laidback family.

I do not like to be rushed. It stresses me pathetically.

I do not like to be pushed out of my house so if it wasn't for obligations for the betterment of my family we might never actually leave our house.

That's what is good, ironically, about starting our weeks with Mondays outside the home, full-to-overflowing, obligated. These Mondays really do set our week. By Thursday afternoon I see a slowing of our pace. I can slug into the weekend knowing that relaxation and family time are abundantly ours to do and make with them whatever we wish.

I see where most families (especially home educating ones) need Mondays to detox and gain footing in their schooling. My personality is no doubt very different from theres, maybe from yours too? I need the potent expectations of Monday to get my week going, to remind myself that I'm still alive and functioning, to reinforce that we are called to be community and not just individuals, and to (gulp!) gain footing with my children's school work.

I hate to sound pathetically undermotivated but the reality is I'm human and just a little selfish.

Mondays remind me that I am not made to focus on just the people within these walls. Mondays remind me to get up and get going. Mondays remind me that I am called to serve others.

Then Tuesdays comes and I appreciate everything about my life in a more appreiative way because I was forced from my comfort zone, pressed out of my cozy environment, pulled from my pleasure, and pushed to go forward.

God knows our weaknesses and He seeks to stretch us to new heights. Towards Him.

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  1. Our week begins the same way...crazy, crazy until Wednesday morning. Then, thank goodness, peace on earth! :) And just so you know, John and I are on episode 7 of Season one of Downtown Abbey. I love Bates and dare I say it--the grandmother. :)


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