Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Bridal Shower Pics

Because an Iphone simply doesn't do monumental justice to monumental moments, I was relieved and Adrain was blessed to have my mother and one of my besties taking pictures smiles and happiness at the wedding shower.
So I continue my mini-scrapbooking of the happy moments here at our Cajun Cottage and my son's house next door where the shower was held so everyone could see the new crib and Adrain could simply unpack everything straight into its proper place.
Someone must have heard that Adrain is learning to cook. Oma bought her a cookbook at Christmas time and she got this classic-50's-style "Born to Shop, Forced to Cook" apron from a cousin. Isn't it sweet? I so want one.
I love this shot of Adrain. Our son dug up a jewel who smoothes out his rough edges.
Prettier pictures of the banquet spread and the cake table...
...which I need to tell you a bit more about concerning the picture propped beside the cake but that deserves a post all it's own. Stay tuned!
While Oma took most of the gift opening, my friend Lanell was behind the lens to capture moving hearts.
 Like this one of my children's "adopted" grandmother who has blessed and lifted the bar high on our parenting. My children have held her opinion high and she has held them accountable while always having a hug and listening ear open for them. She says they have not disappointed her. Our parenting and children are blessed because of her.
 A quick snapshot of the aunt we were so happy got to come and a line of Miller cousins we were so happy could make it.
(Excuse the ram head...errr, excuse me...the European background. It's one of my son's prized trophies which I begged him not to hang til after the shower forgot to tie purple bows upon the horns shroud with a purple cloth. It graces his man cave and so it stayed. ;-/
A pretty smile from Oma. She couldn't be happier for her oldest grandson and his fiancee.
And this photo of Adrain's maternal grandmother is simply, elegantly, romantically classic!
It's that meditative moment that speaks more than any words ever I won't try.
 Kayleigh and her goddaughter sharing refreshments with friend Keisha.
 The "punch ladies" as I call them. It seems as though Kayleigh is always serving punch at showers these days. Next year will be her wedding year though and she will be served rather than serve.
Side note...though it looks like I'm telling the girls to "get out of the kitchen", my friend said I was probably directing them to the food line. Yeah, that sounds much better, much better. :-)
A few more pics...
 Adrain's new dishes...
 ...and new bedspread to replace Corey's old and faded camouflage comforter. ;-)
The happy couple with (half) their gifts. I saw a pile of boxes waiting to be burned on the back patio last time I walked over. Adrain reports that things were quickly set in place and the cabinets are not so bare. :-)
~ 7 weeks til the wedding! ~

Speaking of weddings...I have two bridal showers to attend this afternoon so I must run.
Have a blessed weekend, friends! :-)

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