Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Smiles :: Park Picnics and Play Dates

 I started to load these pictures to Facebook then stopped myself. They get lost in the mobile uploads there. It just isn't "special" enough a place.  So, if you don't mind me sharing something that makes me smile every spring, I hope it brings a soft breeze and the feel of barefeet into your own backyard. :-)
We've had a lot of rain lately in SW Louisiana, mostly on weekends.
Weekdays fare much better.
This past Thursday demanded that I spread a picnic blanket over that afternoon on my planner calendar and claim it as a Picnic at the Park.
I phoned texted a couple of friends to join us.

Spring springs flowers and growing clover, overgrown lawns and lawnmower repairs, puffy clouds and flying insects, pollen and frequent car washes.

My winter baby has other thoughts. She says spring has too many bees, too many wasps, and...ACHOO!!!...too many wheezes. Lol

I guess everyone prefers their birthday season the best.
And that's ok; that's as it should be. :-)

For now we are in spring and spring is my season. My birthday is in April and is connected forever in my mind with wild flowers, barefeet, soft breezes, and Easter eggs.
Every April God sends me flowers. I'm a lucky girl.

This season is mine and my heartiest desire is to share it with my family and friends and you.

I want everyone to shake the cloak of winter off their shoulders, kick of their shoes, and lie on a blanket in the sun.

Ok, so I'm not a dance-in-the-flowers kinda girl; but I LOVE picnic blankets and picnic lunches. :-)

I want my winter baby to see the delights of spring as much as I've raised her to clap her hands over Christmas lights. I want her to taste the goodness of a popsicle dripping down the palm of her hand as much as she relishes hot cocoa and marshmallows in front of a fireplace.
Which is why spring pulls me outdoors. I want to breath and embrace the world God delivered me into. I want to wrap myself in it and linger and give thanks.

Give thanks for friends who are willing to drop everything and meet us at the park.
Give thanks for swinging girls...

...and baby boys eating Cheetos.
Sometimes we have to demand that life stops...if only for a few let us breath and play and make this spinning world pause inside of its dizzy orbit.
We need to cage these moments so they don't blow away in a midnight sky but, rather, cling to the playset poles like pollen and stick to the picnic blanket like brittle leaves mulching the ground.

Picnic blankets!
Picnic baskets!
Picnic tables!
Buttercups and wild flowers!
Clover wreaths, chains, and necklaces!
Open Snow Cone Stands!
Streetside Lemonade Stands!
Ice cream trucks!
Little Red Wagons!

And naps. Quiet naps on the swing when the day is done.

 “The world is so full of a number of things, I 'm sure we should all be as happy as kings.”
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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