Thursday, April 26, 2012

Annie's View of the Yard on a Spring Day

Yard Toys Against the Pecan Tree

Stray Piece of Paper in Yard
Soccer Balls in Yard (the teeth-riddled one is for Garrett's Jack Russell Terrier)
Gentle Yard Dog (reminds me of Ferdinand the Bull sitting under a tree just smelling the flowers :-)
Crawfish Hole Amidst a Clover Patch
Bricks Found Against the Cypress Tree

(I hope everyone is having beautiful spring days like we are.)

* * * * *

Here is a sneak peek at the view the newlyweds are having this week:
As my husband said, a photo can't possibly do this place justice but the blue skies assure me that their spring days are as gorgeous as ours (if not more so). For all those who have asked how the newlywed are doing: they're doing wonderful! They saw the painted desert, the petrified forest (click on to take a virtual tour of the petrified forest), the Meteor crater (click on to experience the impact of the meteor hitting the earth's surface 50,000 years ago) and saw the sunset over the Grand Canyon. Corey said they've also done a ridiculous amt of walking. It's a once-in-a-lifetime trip. They're tired, but happy. :)

(The honeymoon isn't over yet; they have a few more stops along the way, but please pray for their safe trip home.)

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