Sunday, July 7, 2013

Picture Perfect Potluck

I finished setting the table. Let's try something fun for the rest of summer, shall we?

In my book A Picture Perfect Childhood, I have a section called "Let's Get Cooking with Literature". It's a "shopping list of books" to take with you each month to the library and load into your book basket. Just get the ones you find. Don't try to do them all in one summer or you'll get so far behind you'll get frustrated and stop enjoying the process. There's always next summer!
Read the book with your children during the heat of these summer days then copy the ingredients found at the back of each book and head to the super market. In the coolness of evening, make the delicious book treat  for the whole family to enjoy.

It's a fun way to spend summer and an even better way to combine our love of books and food.
It's a book-a-licious project.

Enjoy! And please share your photos and cooking time with us all by leaving a link in the comments.
Maybe I...or my girls...can figure out how to do a link-up one day in the near future. Maybe.

Happy Reading! And Happy Eating!

{Stay tune this month for a June potluck of ~Thirst Quenchers and Summer Snacks~ as well as a picnic basket of ~Plum and Berry Pleasures~ and a bakery window of ~ Perfect Cakes ~}
For now...

July ~ Variety of Recipes (Click on red link to access book link...recipe potluck mentioned alongside book title)

___ 'T Poursette et 'T Poulette: A Cajun Hansel and Gretel by Sheila Hebert Collins (LaSauce Patate Recipe)

___ Les Trois CochonsA Cajun Three Little Pigs by Sheila Hebert Collins (Grillades-Meat and Grits Recipe)

___ Cendrillon: A Cajun Cinderella by Sheila Hebert Collins (Red Beans and Rice Recipe)

___ What Zeesie Saw on Delancey Street by Elsa Okon Rael (Two Traditional Jewish Recipes)

___ When Zaydeh Danced on Eldridge Street by Elsa Okon Rael (Two Traditional Jewish Recipes)
___ Pigs in the Pantry by Amy Axelrod (Chili Recipe)

___ On Top of Spaghetti by Paul Brett Johnson (Spaghetti and Meatball Recipe)

___ Noodle Man: The Pasta Superhero by April Pulley Sayre (Perfect Pasta Recipe)
___ Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe by Vera B. Williams (Dumplings and Fruit Stew Recipes)

 ___ The Greatest Potatoes by Penelope Stowell (Potato Chip Recipe)

___ Everyone Brings Noodles by Norah Dooley (Cultural Noodle/Pasta Recipes)

Don't forget to share your books and eats in the comment section. My girls and I look forward to trying new dishes.


  1. Oh, this looks to be right up our alley!!
    We can't wait to get started!

  2. I had already started a "kids in the kitchen" weekly blog this fit in nicely. We read No More Cookies! today and then made magic monkey bananas. It was great fun! Here is the link:

  3. Joann, you are such a FUN mom! Thanks for getting us going...and showing how easy and fun it really is! I've been watching your "kids in the kitchen" posts. You definitely earn the Top Chef hat. :-)


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