Saturday, August 11, 2012

God Knows the Outcome of the Race (and Souls)

Second thing I heard after the announcement of Paul Ryan as Romney's running mate was that he was a bad Catholic and I questioned it...on Facebook...because everyone is so so quick to say if we're a good or bad anything.

This drives me crazy.

The first response I received was from my aunt-godmother who has 91 years experience with this type stuff.

Is Paul Ryan a good Catholic or a bad Catholic?

Her response? "He knows."

She's right, of course. He knows. He know all. He knows who is a good Catholic and who isn't, who is a good Christian and who isn't, who is in name only and who isn't. He knows who is Christian on the inside as well as on the outside. I appreciate my aunt-godmother's reality check.

One Facebook response was that Ryan's budget plan would immediately draw criticism upon him. Of course it will. Those critics will find some way to fault him as a Catholic and as a prospective VP.

God knows. It is not for us to scrutinize and tear apart.

Another reality check came from my friend Larry: "There is no perfect candidate."

True that. There is no perfect candidate, no perfect Catholic, no perfect Christian. No perfect any of us.

I never discussed politics until I got on Facebook. Probably because I didn't know enough or didn't care enough.

Now I realize that I was smarter before I had Facebook and the Internet at my fingertips.
Why? Because I did not concern myself with matters that were not mine to concern myself with. Seems the advent of Facebook and Internet have made us all experts on the state of everyone's soul.


I'm going back to pleading ignorance.

Are we talking affairs of state or soul? Some would argue they are one and the same. Personally...and this is after much bantering many conversations with a deacon of our church...I believe state and church should be separate. Not in the ideal world, of course. For that I am all supportive of church and state. But in the murky reality of this world, I am totally against it.

 Again...I'm going back to pleading ignorance.
My concern is here in my home and, as God has called me, within the ministry of my church parish. It is not statewide and abroad.

It is here on Lewis Street and within a 5-minute drive to my church.

God knows the candidates' hearts. God knows the reality. We rest in that and continue to battle our own fights and struggles and home budgets.

I am not saying we should stick our heads in the sand but I find it appealing that women should go back to focusing on the home and children and matters of church. Let God and honorable men concern themselves with affairs of state.

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  1. I went off of FB because of all the political talk. Ugh. What saddens my heart the most is to find people who once shared the same faith and belief, friend or family, writes something that is completely against the faith or the Church. My heart just feels so heavy and aches terribly for them. It's almost as though I've been told they are terminally ill. I truly look forward to the elections to be over.


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