Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Remember Those Delicious Book Walks?

Remember those Book Walks we did way in the past at my older blog?

Annie sure did. ;-)

Margaret Mary Myers, myself, and recently hosted a book giveaway of Margaret Mary's new book at their site.

I was printing and cutting all of your comments into slips of paper when Annie entered the kitchen. I told her I needed her to draw two names as winners.

She instantly walked over to the cabinet door where Memomma's old stone bowl is housed and pulled it out.

Here she is when we first began these delicious book walks.

Gosh, we did so very many yummy book walks.

I think MeMomma's old cake bowl needs to be dusted off and tempting book offers need to be stirred up and served more often.

What about you?
The lucky winners for Margaret Mary Myer's new book were
Wanda and Stacey
They have been notified by email.
Thank you to everyone who participated and left a comment under the review.
Margaret Mary and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every one of them and hearing of your experience in getting to know St. Therese. :-)
Congratulations once again to our winners and stay tuned.
Annie is helping me whip up another book walk in time for All Hallow's Eve. ;-)

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  1. Congratulations to Wanda and Stacey! Enjoy! :) And thank you to Cay,, and all who participated. God bless you all. Margaret Mary


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