Friday, October 5, 2012

Coming Clean

I thought I needed a cleaning lady.

I decided to tackle one problem spot in my home instead...the top of the refrigerator.

I thought my child needed a better teacher. 

I set out a simple science project for her to work.
Checked a lesson in math.
Listened to reading book and history in the vehicle.
Went to the park.
All good.
I thought I needed a fairy godmother.

I turned to my God instead.
Some days all we can do are baby steps.
And be kind to ourself first.
Some days that's all we can do.
Some weeks even.
Sometimes even the whole month demands that we take baby steps and be kind to ourself first.


  1. Hello Cay! Beautiful post... just what I needed to read today... THANK YOU!
    Where did you get those AWESOME anatomy (foam?) puzzles???
    ~ ProLIFEmommyof2
    aka: ♥ @DOTCOM_MOM on twitter ♥


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