Monday, November 26, 2012

A Belief in and Love for Christmas

Part I

This year I have happily pulled my Christmas Mosaic off the bookshelf and am hovering over it even as I type.
What a great Christmas resource, I am reminded, as I flip through it.
The book is a tradition in and of itself. Perhaps you would like to choose a picture book from its lists (or two or three or one for each week) to focus on. You might want to try the Let it Snow Supplement or a Typical/Untypical Australian Christmas Dinner. What about simply turning to page 181-198 and selecting some new recipes to try? What about retelling the ancient tale of the Golden Cobwebs and weave the unsung domestic spider into your Christmas in remembrance that:
The fairies said: 'Each living thing
that creeps, or crawls, or flaps a wing
shall share the birthday of the King."
The First Sunday of Advent is on its sled scheduled for arrival at our homes this coming Sunday, December 2nd.

{order Christmas Mosaic to have in time for the Advent / Christmas season and, those of you who have a copy, please share what sections you plan to focus on this Advent. }
* * * * *

"Each year there is always some starry night that I bask in a bejeweled Christmas tree a-twinkle with lights and a straw-laden nativity set on a table nearby. I draw back from what the outside world views and any parties and merrymaking that are echoling through the frosty streets that night and I breathe in the Christmas spirit that only quiet and reverie can bring. I remember the wonderment of Christmas that only the very young can wrap their arms around and I recommit to focusing on the baby and family and starlight rather than the expense and the commercialism and the unattainable expectations. My belief in and my love for Christmas has not swayed.

Christmas is not what the world makes of it, but what we make of it."

~ Taken from Christmas Mosaic, copyright (c) 2007, published by Hillside Education
* * * * *

Some of my family's Christmas traditions that have withstood the test-of-time, expense, exhaustion, and Scrooge:
  • St. Andrew Novena
  • Advent Calendar
  • Tree set-up and decorating the house with eggnog and hot chocolate
  • Gumbo with the family
  • Malts/ Shakes and ride to see the Christmas lights in town, in country and on the lake
  • Rereading favorite Christmas picture books
  • Discovering new Christmas picture books
  • Christmas baking
  • Christmas menu planning
  • View gingerbread displays at tourist center
  • Decorate our own gingerbread house and man
  • Chocolate gold coins and new book or video on St. Nicholas feast day
  • Christmas carols on radio all month long
  • Advent Wreath
  • Nativity Setting
  • Secret Santa
  • Various flavored eggnog all month long
  • Lighted Prayer Garden Tour, hot chocolate, and cookies at our church
  • Bethlehem Nativity Tour at area Baptist church
  • Christmas tree-shaped cinnamon rolls on St. Lucia feast day (new tradition and for Annie's bday morning)
  • Watching A Christmas Story, Bill Murray in Scrooged, It's a Wonderful Life, and Elf
  • Read Dickens' A Christmas Carol
  • Enjoy Christmas decorations, gifts, and breakfast at Cracker Barrell
* * * * *

What Christmas Mosaic has inside of it:
Advent Week One: Decoration and Preparation Stories
Advent Week Two: Giving/ St. Nicholas/ Santa Claus
Advent Week Three: Family Time/ Hanukkah as Jesus Would Celebrate
Advent Week Four: Nativity/ Epiphany/ Angels

Supplements: Let it Snow Mosaic
Coloring Pages
24 Days Before Christmas Countdown (pg. 69-71)
Picture Books that Teach, Sing, Worship, Share, Pray

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