Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mimes for God

“Father!” I exclaimed. “I’m serious! If I could just get my husband to read this one book about the Catholic Church, he’d understand everything!”

“Elizabeth,” he said, “you just need to stop.talking.about.the Catholic Church.

“B-but! Talking is what I doooooo!” I wailed.

You’re trying to do the Holy Spirit’s work,” he said. “This is not your job.”

“So, you mean, like, I just stop talking about it?”


Silence. I was waiting for more.

“That’s it?” I asked. “Just. Stop?”

“Just stop. You can trust the wisdom of the Church and simply rely on the Holy Spirit.”

~ Elizabeth Esther

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I'm not a priest but I've suggested this tactic to other Catholics.

They usually argue with me.

"But we are supposed to witness!"

"We are supposed to evangelize!"

And the hierarch: "We have to speak the Truth!"

Um, yes, speak the Truth...always. But speak only if invited to do so.

Live the Truth first.

St. Francis said it best: “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.” 

Even Christ doesn't plow through that closed door of your heart. He merely knocks, then He waits.
He waits for that open, receptive invitation.

The reason I feel so passionate about less talk is because I've seen how too much talk turns people away. And, quite frankly, there is too much talk out there.

People talk constantly. TV talks to us. Social media talks to us. Parents preach to us. Bosses and co-workers harp at us. Politicians never shut up. Facebook and Twitter spews conversation.

So we think to be heard we have to be equally vocal or more so. And we become frustrated if we are not heard or, even worse, if someone else invades our personal soapbox.

Someone who talks too much is usually their own experience, their own past, their own experience, their own conversation.

They don't want to move out of the way for other people to find their own way. They want to guide, to show, to control.

In truth, this is a path taken by that person and their God. No one else needs to interfere...unless invited to do so.

Even Saul was alone when he was knocked to the ground on his way to persecute Christians. It was between him and God. Had anyone else been there tooting his opinion, his beliefs, and his experience; it would have totally interfered with the message God had for St. Paul.

Still, we are here to mentor, but mainly to serve. As we drudge down this path, they pass us. Sometimes in the dark. They pass us and they see what is left unsaid.

Think of a mime. You've probably passed one in the park or at a museum. You've certainly seen them on television. They never say a word but they speak volumes. They can make you feel terribly uncomfortable without saying a word. They can make you LOL as though you've heard the funniest joke without saying a word.

Remember...Christ never owned a microphone, never twitted, and never posted a Facebook status.

Yet over 2000 years later His Truth endures.

He has spoken.

Anything we say is pure static.


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