Monday, March 11, 2013

Homeschool Hookie

Today co-op classes were canceled. Too many teachers and students out sick.
Annie had already invited a co-op friend to stay the night and ride with us to co-op.
Both girls were bummed.
I was not going to allow a Monday to become just another weekend-to-have-a-friend-over day.
* "I want to catch-up and do even better and fulfill my promise to Annie by doing more of those amazing nature walks/ studies we planned at the beginning of the school year."
Here was our ticket!


Co-op classes were replaced with a nature walk at our local retreat center, a random-ish science study, scavenger hunt, fresh air, physical ed, and a whimsical photography class. (ie: goofing off and playing hookie)

Sheets of Gray
A Widow's Weeds

Blue skies beckoned. Picnic blanket lured.
(I was told today that iphones are simply not cool to have on picnic blankets. (My bad!)
That blanket gave me a chance to show the girls this book and ask if they felt it was appropriate for their 6th grade year or was it too elementary-ish. They voted that "Yes! they would enjoy using it next year."
{Click to buy: Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook by Clare Walker Leslie}
So plans begin anew.
As do prayers....
And more adventures...
And more time spent in the great outdoors.



  1. We are all blessed to be part of your extended family;) Thanks for showing us how to slow down and enjoy life!!! - Boudreauxs

  2. What a wonderful day...and this NYer loved the tour of the LA backwoods. So different and beautiful.
    Thx for sharing.

    God bless


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