Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bouquet of Bridal Sneak Peeks

 Some things a mother never wants to forget...#blogging scrapbook
Something new...
Kayleigh's bridal bouquet {handmade by the bride}
Something Old and Traditional...
Meme's Rosary 

In the Woods of Hodges Gardens
Matron of Honor blocking the sun for our photographer
Our awesome photographer and very good friend
Photo Break
Hiking up her wedding dress and racing to capture a shot at sunset
Placement (notice the evening shadows approaching)
A darkening field at sunset
Final pose
Wedding is in October. More photos to come.


  1. Absolutely lovely, Cay!
    everything about these shots is just grand.

    Congratulations...( in advance!) I love the "open-ness " too, of the shots...it's so the opposite here.:)

    Have a lovely day.

  2. Thank you, Chris. What do you mean it's just the opposite there? I don't understand...


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