Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Kitchen This Morning

Just pictures and a few words because there is no time for anything else this busy morning. :-)
Chopping homegrown pecans...
Stirring the sauce...


Such fun conversations in my kitchen...
"Can chickens see in color?"
"I wouldn't know. In my previous lives I never recall being a chicken."
The sticky side of baking...

Daughter: "Oh, daddy, they look just like Pillsbury rolls!"
Daddy who's comfortable in the kitchen: "That's because I don't do anything halfway."

Sticky Bun Recipes


"There! now it's pretty enough for a picture." says my youngest baker.
Sugar Rush? Anyone?

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  1. Oh yum! reminds me of early mornings at the fairs, we'd line up for hot sticky cinnamon rolls! I'll have to try making them.


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