Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Time Through Instagram

This sign pretty much defined our past weekend at Niblett's Bluff on the Louisiana/Texas border.
As did lots of popsicle licks...

And popsicle "please-may-I-have-one" lines that formed as nieces and nephews trekked by our camper.
And lots of boat riding trips down the river.

And lots of deep sea fishing on the land because it's the very best playground in the whole wide world.
And lots of walking around and around and around the camping arena.
Even a little bit of history because a very long time ago a little skirmish took place along this riverbank and this bluff in the war between the states...
Where we now swim and boat ride.
Happy and free to do so.
And we even enjoyed bits of A/C cooling like this...
...and relaxing like this.
More camp napping.
And still more camper napping. We're lazy that way. :-)
And staying cool with fresh vegetables.
And avocado on almost everything (Me, not so much the kids).

And sitting in wide open spaces...

Hoping for inspiration of some summer writing projects.


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