Saturday, May 4, 2013

Picture Perfect Potluck Revived

Here's a picture of my new spring/summer book bag.

Isn't it the sweetest?

For the month of May we've been exploring the section in A Picture Perfect Childhood entitled Cooking with Literature.

May houses the scent of cake piping hot from our ovens.

There are so many delicious picture books found on bookselves for us to read, bake and enjoy with our kiddies this month.

I'm posting about them here:

A Picture Perfect Childhood Facebook Page

Cooking with Literature Pinterest Link

Speaking of bookshelves. I Instagramed my recent declutter project this morning. I have not dusted or swept there yet and I didn't take a before-shot so there is no way you can know the significance of this after-shot. Just know that it was a major clean-up job done after months and months and months of stockpiling books and papers and folders and magazines treasures. ;-)

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