Sunday, June 9, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

Goodbye my much loved Google Reader! This is me at the peak of my frustration in finding a new home for all my listings.

I still can't tell you why Google is dissolving Google Reader. I don't have time to focus on show downs. As it was it took my years to climb on the band wagon (I'm a slow learner) and even longer to understand Google Reader. For the longest, I had only 1 or 2 blogs listed there.

Then the computer light clicked on...

Today I'm embarrassed to share how many blogs I have listed there though there are only a handful I check daily. Still, I don't want to miss out on anything and I scan the new updates diligently to see what will help me, items of interest, and listings that will inspire me and my home. As I surf, those yellow stars light my day brightly.

I was sad to see all those many articles, that I promised myself I will go back to reread and blog about and talk about, would be lost into that cloud which rules above and always drifts far out of my reach.

I'm looking at this Google Reader eviction notice much like moving from one house into another. It's a good thing. It's a worthy chance to clean house and declutter and update the fixtures and redo some plumbing problems, in this case, blog listings that no longer contribute to this season in my life.

Three feeds that I've attempted to change my listings to are:

Since I don't have much time for searching (I'd rather be reading), I found this very helpful site:   It's a plus right away. You see all the possibilities upfront and center and can see a brief blurb about each to help make your decision. Perhaps you'll find your preference there.

A brief update on my experience and my preference (going backwards as I found them):

Feedly---this seems to be the one everyone is raving about. So, naturally, I wanted to like it. I wanted to use it. I wanted it to work. It didn't. Not for me. As goes most things in life, I'm always the one going in a different direction. I tend to take paths less traveled. I couldn't understand its appeal. After clicking there and clicking some more, I still couldn't connect with it. I gave up and went searching for something more suitable.

The Old Reader--- I found The Old Reader and, though I don't remember how I made my account or got my listings moved over to it, it was easy and prompt to use which works for me. It also resembles Google Reader. That makes me happy. So I have my listings there as well as here...

Bloglovin'---oh, YES!, I am lovin' it. I like the appearance and, after logging in through my FB acct, it was a simple one-click to ensnare all my links into this one spot. The easiest of all so far and I absolutely love the neat, clean look of the site and the one tempting picture that shows up next to the link and blurb.

Now this may very well change as the months click by. I know habit is 90% of the equation. For X amount of years now I've faithfully clicked onto GoogleReader for my updates. That's my habit and it'll be a hard habit to break.

Will my habit become or ? Or some other home listing? These are the two apartments I'm looking at for now. I'll let you know if I find my true home at one or the other or if I have to clean up and declutter to move yet again.

One last reminder... is an excellent place to point and guide you towards your new reader real estate.

If you have something else that is neat and clean and super easy to use, let me know. I'm on the lookout for the most friendly neighborhood I can find. I hope this helps you to find yours.



  1. I really dislike Bloglovin, and find myself stuck with Feedly although I don't like that either - the green is revolting, the way they repeat articles is annoying, and I truly miss Google Reader.

  2. Sarah, what do you dislike about bloglovin'?


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