Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summertime Treats and Thirst Quenchers in June

Cranberry Summer by Wende and Harry Devlin
(Recipe for Cranberry Punch)
~ Out-of-Print...Best chance is to check with one's local library ~
Lulu's Lemonade by Barbara deRubertis and Paige Billin-Frye
(Recipe for Lemonade)
~ Easy Hands-on Math book that allows even the youngest children in a family to assist in the kitchen and contribute a summertime treat with a feeling of accomplishment ~ 
The Lemon Sisters by Andrea Cheng/ Tatjana Mai-Wyss
(Recipe for Lemon Ices)
Arianna and the Strawberry Tea by Maria Faulconer/ Katy Keck Arnzteen
(Recipe for Strawberry Tea and Chocolate Tarts)
The Greatest Potatoes by Penelope Stowell/ Sharon Watts 
George Crum and the Saratoga Chip by Gaylia Taylor/ Frank Morrison (no recipe but goes hand-in-hand with the history of the potato chip and the above book)

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