Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Writing as a Prayer

I'll admit, this has stunted my writing over and over and over again:

"Of all the usual roadblocks to inspiration, such as perfectionism, insecurity, busyness, etc., what stunts my growth most as an artist is my desire to please …well, everyone. By avoiding being “too this,” or “not enough that,”  in an effort not to disappoint, I mute exactly what it is that makes me unique – as we all are and absolutely should be.

"The vulnerability aspect of revealing the tender innards of my soul via creativity is sometimes too intimidating for me to bear, and I hide away. What if I’m misunderstood, or understood and rejected? If I cannot make peace with that, I have no business proceeding to work on strengthening my distinct voice – a voice admittedly “too this” and “not enough that” for many people’s tastes." ~ read the rest here: It is Not for Everybody by Molly Sabourin

* * * * *
This is what will pull me out of the self-doubt, insecurity, muteness, and hiding...

"What a great surprise yesterday to hear my own words coming back to me from the pulpit! Writing, to me (and probably to most Christian authors), is not a “job.” It’s a need and a prayer. A need to finally express what’s been building up in my mind and heart, bursting to get out. And a prayer that God will use the seeds I sow to bring other minds and hearts closer to Him." ~ Vinny Flynn in A Writer's Confession

Thinking of writing as a form of prayer is freeing beyond anything anyone has ever told me.

I have plans and there are some of you who come here who have inspired me to not hide those plans under a bushel baskets but to carve them out, to sow the seeds, to light a candle, and to send them forth.

God bless each of you who has (knowing and unknowingly) encouraged me.

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