Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Picture Perfect Opportunity

School bells are fixing to ring.
Let's take this picture perfect opportunity to share a Picture Perfect book with our family and friends and teachers and students and communities.
I'm asking my readers to join my little camera space on Facebook (or to share that space with their family and friends) and help gather an awareness for using picture books during times beyond bedtime reading.
On our guest/fan page, we reveal book titles from our "Cooking with Literature" section.
Each month has a food theme. Cool and Tasty, huh?
We also share historical books borrowed from our section entitled:
A Picture Perfect Education so you'll know what books to search for at your library each month.
We are up to 91 guests on Facebook but this little book has sold into the thousands since I published it at the end of 2008. So I know there are more fans out there.
This December it will have been in print for five years.
Once we get 100 guests on our Facebook page, we'll have a drawing for a free copy of A Picture Perfect Childhood.

If we can get our guests and fans up to
#205, we will have drawings on some of the various recipe picture books. 
If we get up to #505 guests/fans, I will share with you all a secret.
A BIG secret. ;-)
Until then the storybook awaits you on the shelf. ;-) 
Join Us?

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