Saturday, September 7, 2013

Smitten by Saturday

When I began writing this blog I wanted every post to have a meaning and a message. Pictures are only part of the message. I've always hesitated to post only pictures. But on days, such as today, pictures are all I've got.

Sometimes words don't matter...much...

 It was a red wagon kind-of-day...
 A walk to the park and Heritage Square...
To the car show. We even saw one I'm always thrilled to call the "Nancy Drew's car" if only it had been baby blue.

There was the Boudin War which we taste-tested and voted on. Good friends...people we went to school with and graduated with, people we work with and attend church with...are now business owners. This made it a tough, short of impossible, choice.
But taste it, we did.
 Some little boudin legs (as chunky baby legs are called in SWLA) curled up next to mine.
We watched Fr. Eddie Richard play the banjo on the steps of the Henning House with his bluegrass band.
Then we all went home and took a nap before our godson's 3rd birthday party.

Party Animals Chickens...

 Hudson watching his mommy get in on the toy action.
Hudson paying keen attention to the dynamics of this birthday party business. His is in two more months.
My godson had a happy, happy, happy day!

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