Thursday, October 31, 2013

Obsession with Self, Much?

This bothers me.

As much as bathroom selfies do.

In fact, this makes my mind whirl!

Selfies at Funeral

Obsession with self, much? I'm afraid, if anything, I take away some of my children's self-esteem by overtly reminding them that life is not all about them. it? ever? just about us?

Even Christ never let it be about Him. Even though it was! 

For Him it was always about us.

Because it has to do with love!

Which makes us important! Right?

It makes us special.

Is this a mixed message we're sending our children?

You are important and yes, you are special, and yes, we all die, so let's make the most of it.

Pedestaling our life image in order to varnish over the death image? Really?

We don't respect the living nor do we respect the dead?

Grandma would want me to take a snapshot of myself in the funeral bathroom. Really she would. Really?

Or is this a 21st century version of showing our respect and reverence for the dead?

Let's have a party! Let's do a selfie of us with grandma's dead body in the background!

Better yet...let's do a selfie of us weeping at granddad's funeral in the funeral bathroom.

We're obsessed with ourselves at the expense of caring less about everyone else.

When did funerals and death become superficial things and occasions?

We remember the dead. We honor the dead.
We glorify the resurrection. Not the death.

"O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?"
~ 1 Corinthians 15:55

We don't have a party at a funeral. Though, many times, it does turn into a mini-family reunion.

What message do we share with others with these self-images?

I really want to know. I really want to understand.

My children...three in their twenties, one teen, and one preteen...will be groaning by the time I'm done analyzing this but I really want to know and understand!!!

There's a message in this. I just know there is. And I'm pretty sure our young people will tell us that we're reading more into it than there actually is. They think it's funny when adults get all distillated over what, to them, is such a simple, random thing. It's like they want to get a exclamation out of grown-ups. They want to get us flustered and, when they do, they think it's funny. Over-involved grown-ups (especially Christians) are making too much out of everything.

Because to us it means something.

To the youth it means nothing.

I've pretty much made it my life mission not to give people the satisfaction of getting me fueled up. That seems to frustrate people the most. They want to get us flustered.

But in everything we say and do, we project a message.

The message of Christ was to live, serve, speak, give, love and die for others.

Yet selfies are all about ME!

There's a message there too.

Selfie snapshots at funerals?

Yeah, the message just got amped.

I think our children are just confused.

Just a little...

Maybe I am too.

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