Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wedding Prep: {Girls' Bridal Escape Weekend} ~ Part II

My blogging presence is getting worse and worse. Seems I don't live here anymore.
But I really don't want to forget these moments.
My photo taking and scrapbooking and photo processing is in an even worse demise.
All I really have for memory storage when my memory fails is this little space on the web.
And so I plod on.
Ever so slowly.
Taking lots of coffee breaks because I'm a coffee-on-the-patio kind of person. ;-)
More on that later. Chances are...at this speed...it'll be much later.
I promised I'd be back to share memories of the girls' bridal get-away and the bridal shower.
My Iphone is dying for me to unload these photos and clear more room for future memories.
For example...Christmas is a mere two months away.
A Christmas graced with two baby boys. Lots of memories there.
Gotta clean-up my Iphone photos.
At the end of summer, I traveled  to Orange Beach with these beautiful ladies...
...for Kayleigh's Bachelorette Weekend.
To be invited to go with these girls made me ever so grateful to know them.

We  sat on the balcony at Orange Beach and drank lots of coffee and frozen drinks while talking books and life. 

Like I said, it was a Girls' Weekend/Bachlorette Party, and these girls are soooo
colorful that it makes them beautiful.

Lulu's Burger and Seafood Restaurant has got to be the bestest, most family friendly place ever.
They make the waiting line even pleasurable.
Only my daughter-in-law Adrain was unable to join us due to being eight months pregnant. Awaiting Callen's arrival is our next big LIFE event.
{update: He's safely here.}
It was a bittersweet summer realizing that I've always had to watch a young child on the beach and this summer I didn't and next summer there will be two little boys to start the trend all over again. This is my life and I love every minute of it...and feel incredibly blessed to spend a last summer with just the "big kids."
   Life moves incredibly fast. Rather than bemoan past regrets or weep over past childhood moments, I'm striving to embrace the here and now and enjoy these precious days with family I am blessed to have, children who have grown into people I want to be like, and a new generation of family members and grandchildren bottle-necking to get inside MayMay's house.
Life is soooo happening. What about your home?
{Forever yours...the Iphone photographer...mainly because that's all I have time for and it's always in my handy-dandy pocket. ;-)}

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