Sunday, December 15, 2013

Faith of Our Fathers

{my father praying at the Cathedral in New Orleans}

* * * * *
Pope John Paul II speaking about his father...
"The mere fact of seeing him on his knees had a decisive effect on my early years...Even now when I awake at night I remember seeing my father kneeling and praying. He was so hard on himself that he had no need to be hard on his son; his example alone was sufficient to inculcate discipline and duty...My father was the person who explained to me the mystery of God...."
Do you take your children to church?
Do you talk to them one-on-one?
Do they see you pray?
Do you pass the Faith of our Fathers on to your children?

If you do not, nothing else you do or say will matter.
Nothing else you do will last.
Even if, at some point, they leave the faith, one day, when you are only a loved memory in their mind, they will remember seeing you or hearing you pray. And they will know that you prayed them home.

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  1. My own dad did pass the faith on to me. Oddly... I've kept to the faith. Albeit in occasional fits and spurts. But he has left for another denomination.


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