Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Let the Church be Full

At your Christmas gatherings, please remember not to say, "Church was so crowded with all those people who show up only once a year..."

(Yes, I've heard people complain about this).

Remember there is probably someone in the room who went to Mass that one day who feels that if they aren't welcome even at Christmas Mass then why bother to go.

Why bother to go at all.

One of the reasons Christmas Masses are so beautiful is because they are so full. Full of sinners. Full of seekers. Full of doubters. Full of people. Full of searchers. Full of righteous. Full of humanity. Full of prodigals.

Full of us. All seeking.

Seeking something more...

Seeking God among us. Seeking a path that leads home. Seeking comfort. Seeking a sanctuary. Seeking purpose. Seeking unity. Seeking peace. Seeking love. Seeking rebirth.

 Let the church be impregnated with humanity.

Remember that those people "taking up space only once a year" are the ones nearest and dearest to God's own heart. Let the church be full.

Full of people who...for one brief moment...stop in wonder and awe.

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