Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Brave Mother Shares

Four years ago, you may remember, many of you offered prayers and we gathered roses into a rosary for my online and real-life friend Colleen as she walked the very painful valley of grief upon the loss of her infant son to SIDS.
Hearts of mothers reached out in a huge, great, big, very wonderful circle of concern and support.
We collected monies through Tastefully Simple and sent a food basket to their home and I tucked a some fund-raising dollars and prayers into Colleen's hand as we hugged a greeting at Houston's Homeschool Conference later that spring.
It was a full-hearted attempt at reaching out. As our mutual friend Katherine described so beautifully when the rest of us were at a loss for words:
"Being in an online community, we feel like we have friends right next door. But when tragedy strikes, it becomes painfully obvious that we are not right next door. We cannot pop in with a casserole and a hug. We cannot take the kids and give a grieving mother time and space. All we can do is pray."
Today Colleen talks at Motherhood Unadorned about
She writes about her experience, self-imposed labeling, anxiety triggers, reoccurring concerns, getting professional aid (or not), and how she copes with the on-going reality that is her life yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
One of the bravest things a person can do is to share their experience about mental health.
On second thought probably the bravest thing a person can do is to share their heart and soul concerning their personal losses and sorrows.
Colleen does both.


  1. Thank you, dear friend, for the constant love and support you have shown me. You are true gift.

  2. Dear Cay, just so you know, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogging Award :) If you wish to participate, follow my link for more information -- God bless, Denise


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