Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When the March is Not Only for A Day

I'm enjoying the pictures of everyone's sharing the D.C. March for Life.
Each year we talk about going.
Each year expense, logistics, and obligations keep us stuck in SW Louisiana.
Each year we attend our own mini-version. We don't travel to Baton Rouge even.
We stay in downtown Sulphur, Louisiana.
The place I (and my five children and two grandsons) were born and raised.
 This year was a beautiful, sunshiny, mild-tempered day.
Perfect for marching.
And yet even I wonder, as our feet beat a pavement along the back streets, how much witness our little mission path is.
Is it so small it discredits us?
But I know there is so much more to
Then Jennifer reminds us in her FB stat:
"While I think participating in the March for Life is super important, it is okay to NOT be going as well. I had to explain to my kids that Daddy missing two days of work would not be a good thing, and that God's will was for Mommy to be home with the baby. Just seems to be a theme among some that somehow among others as well. That by not going, we are not doing our Catholic duty. Which is just wrong IMO."

Jennifer is so right. As I look at a parade of photos on FB and Instagram and as I hear of teenagers and young adults and families marching the streets of our nation's capital, it is all so great and moving and inspiring and witnessing.
Yet, not for a moment, can I turn my sight away from the March for Good that God has assigned my family and I...

* The nurse in our family who could not join us (except "in spirit") because she is a young nurse Making a Difference
* The real life witness that shows what an imperfect family we are and yet
God gives us the Chance to Live All Over Again
* How sometimes taking in an unwed mother and her baby means taking in one's own grandbaby and his mother
* How the real life "pull up your bootstraps" means that some couples march the March daily, weekly, yearly in order for Life to Make Sense ... (and they DO!)
* How God saw that my boys (all four of them) would never have to march alone: Baby Viewing

It's all in His perfect plan.
I do know this is  one of those memories I want my grandbabies to share.
Coming out on the road with first their strollers, then wagons and bikes and scooters and roller skates, holding onto PawPaw's hands like our children did with their PawPaw, witnessing a rosary swinging by his side in prayer.

And just knowing that our family walks together through life, no matter where the path leads us.

Baby Callen (youngest Pro-Life Marcher) with Mr. I.J. (oldest Pro-Life Marcher)

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