Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More People, More Problems

We've all said this simple phrase at one time or other. 

More people equals more problems.


Perhaps it escaped our mouths at an airport. Maybe at the DMV. Maybe in FEMA lines after Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Maybe in the school cafeteria. Possibly the thought ebbed through our 5 year old brain when we were waiting to hit the party piñata.

More people, more problems.

The more people at the party means less candy in the piñata for the party child. But what if no one showed up to the party....

And what would the child say who got no invitation to the party?

Being included matters.

Christians don't argue with the concept that more people causes more problems. Yet the Christian faith follows a Voice that taught acts of kindness and showed acts of love and spoke acts of faith.

That is the message of the Christian.

It tells us that we are stronger in numbers. Many numbers.

Christians can make a difference. Christians can change the world.

That Voice tells us that no matter how many people are in the world, no matter how many problems are in the world, no matter how much pestilence plagues the world; each individual still matters.

YOU matter.

Without the force of many blows, the piñata does not release its bounty.
Without hands to reach out for the candy, the piñata's bounty and goodness can not be known and appreciated.

The Christian faith is the only faith that embraces each person's individuality and dignity no matter how many people wait in line for 5 loaves of barley bread and 2 small fish.

When Christianity is no longer upon this earth, there will still be more people and more problems...

...and none of it will mean anything anymore.  That Voice tells us that there is something beyond this world and it's worth waiting in line to join the Feast. We've received an invitation. We can either accept it or not.

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