Monday, June 9, 2014

Committing to Myself

Is it ok that I bought it for the recipes?
Despite what anyone thinks of me, I have reached a commitment level in my life which is short of overwhelming.
I need to make time for myself.
I know...from past experience...I won't visit the gym regularly.
I won't eat properly or regularly.
So I must focus on what I will do.
I will walk the park and all the other places I am presupposed to go.
I will stay home as much as I can because life and commitments take me away more often than not.
I will get my rest.
I know that I can do this. At least this.
I don't run; I walk.
I can do that.
I know I need this. I need something. I need to commit to myself.
As I am able.
I need to at least feel I am doing something.
And, again, the recipes in this little magabook look sooooo delicious!
I can do those too.
We'll see how the summer goes.
Have I mentioned I hate, hate, hate to sweat.
I also came across (on FB) a new form of exercise that sounds so beautiful and so promising and so soothing.
If I can only find the missing link...I will share it with you soon. :-)

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