Friday, June 20, 2014

Home Life this Summertime

MayMay's boys will definitely know what animals give us milk and eggs.

Little man brought me this sign from the sitting room and left it on the arm of my chair. Convo and coffee milk makes a complete morning at MayMay's house.
Morning rest...
The grandsons have been here.
Scattered water bottles, bags of beans, and the door left ajar. It's a favorite place to play...and hide.
Patio got a bath.
On his Father's Day off, my husband worked on putting fencing up to keep MayMay's little boys trapped near patio. MayMay isn't as spry as she was twenty years ago. ;-)
Home. Where you learn the beauty of contentment and find breath for your dreams or where you escape to live a lifetime of weary wanderings.
Catching up. Still studying how to better serve God within my home while serving my family.
Making a root beer cake for friend who has a new baby in her home.
Two little men and Opa...
Patio Summer Living...has to be cool and fresh. Chelsea made this delicious lemon tart. Was a tad oozy. We could almost have poured it over warm gingerbread. Will have to remember that when December comes.
While the girls swim, I plan. More of a writing plan than a blogging play because I am an inconsistent blogger. {Guess you could tell. ;-)}. Still I love the articles, the lists, the layout, and the potential found in this blogging planner.
Yeah...I know...
Recital bouquet from her older sister. Still fresh. Still pretty.
Summertime! No caption needed.
Simple Summer.
At some point, all dance moms have to pick up a needle and thread. Right?
Basket personalization courtesy of Aunt Annie.
Strewing kitchen art, hoping my girls will add to the ideas. Grateful for slower summer days. Observing a homemade year. Enjoying my nesting place.
Kayleigh's beautiful mimosa tree.

Wonderful book for summer.
Stewed blackberries from the garden over chocolate cake. Extremely good.
New grandbaby...
Is a brother for Hudson!
Wedding moved up to August.
Can anyone say our "super busy!"
Lots of this going on. Pack. Check. Travel. Dance. Pack. Check. Travel. Dance.
Annie's herb garden: green onions, bee balm, sweet basil, Greek oregano, parsley, peppermint
Last of the blackberry picking. Family effort.
Blackberry sales paid for Annie's dance national fees. Grateful!
More mimosa blooms on side of road.
Scholarship! She works hard and focused and is beautiful on stage.
Kitchen Window...finally got a chalkboard.
Office Decluttering. Main goal this summer!
Vacation trip!

More Patio Living!
They always get the spelling wrong.

 Taming the sock monster.
Hope you enjoyed your visit and here's to a wonderful summer for all my readers.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful summer. We are doing a little summer school, but mostly just working on being present in the day to day. That is hard for me, because I seem to always have more than one thing on my mind in a single moment. Have a blessed summer!

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  3. I loved it Cay. Thanks for sharing some of the special moments in your life.

  4. Congratulations on the new grandbaby. Thank you for the glimpse into your life. Simply beautiful.



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